"We had 5 day floor-to-floor cycles over the majority of the building which is exceptional in anyone's terms." - Builder and Developer


Sustainable building design is about creating the right building design to suit the local climate and environmental surroundings. Ritek’s Wall Systems can play a role in both new building design, rebuilding of existing structures and can help you achieve your Green Building Council Australia GreenStarTM ratings.*


Ritek Partners

Ritek® is proud to be associated with organisations that work towards a more sustainable future.

  • GreenSmart Sustainability
  • Cleantech Industries Sunshine Coast
  • Ecospecifier Global
  • Eco Biz Sustainability Queensland


Forward Thinking

Ritek® is committed to the research and development of products that will contribute to the development of green building practices and the enhancement of sustainable design and provides added value through reducing life-cycle building costs.


External Audits

Ritek® has demonstrated a firm commitment to supplying sustainable building products to the building industry through an external audit by ecospecifier, an online knowledge database. A Green Star pre-assessment conducted by ecospecifier for the Ritek® XL Wall® as confirmed that Green Star Credits can be achieved by including these products as part of the building.


Sustainable Benefits

Today, Ritek’s innovative products continue to challenge and change the poor image of construction in Australia and overseas. Ritek® offers a range of building systems over most applications in the construction industry which, when finished, are not only completely conventional in appearance they provide superior aesthetics and offer additional benefits such as increased build speed, enhanced build quality and floor/ceiling space savings.