"The project was completed on time and on budget" - Builder

Smooth from start to finish

Additional floorspace and potential for additional profitability can be achieved through the next generation Ritek® wall system. Ritek® offer a precise solution to ensure your build is smooth and on time. The Ritek® XL Wall® sanded surface is ready for direct setting by your finishing trades to a level four finish, saving the cost and time of battening out and plaster lining internal walls. As a result, there’s an opportunity for increased floor space which could be sold for additional profit with the same overall building dimensions.

Ritek® walls have a durable fibre cement surface which can be direct set (at joints and corners) to achieve a wall with high impact resistance. The differentiated design of the Ritek® XL Wall® system reduces the risk of blowouts during construction, meaning less hassle and delays. Ritek® XL Wall® and Ritek XL Thermal Wall® is an easy to use, precise solution to ensure your build is efficient and on time.

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  • Increased profit opportunity as Cast in thermal insulation, offers additional floor space compared to traditional permanent formwork.
  • The Ritek® XL Wall sanded surface is ready for direct setting by your finishing trades to a level four finish, this removes the cost and time to batten out and plaster line internal walls speeding project completion
  • Pre-cast windows provide the opportunity for lock up sooner.

Reduces wall thickness with no battening out required

The sanded surface of the Ritek® XL Wall® and Ritek XL Thermal Wall® is ready for direct setting by finishing trades and the superior surface removes the need to batten out internal walls.

Gain up to 8.2m2 over block work with Ritek®

Space creation per 100m of wall over other Perminant Formwork systems


Ritek® walls have an impact resistant durable fibre cement surface. Perfect for high traffic areas with high occupancy and activity levels for example, multi-residential, social housing, hotels and aged care.


Ritek® permanent formwork wall systems are faster to erect than traditional block and brickwork. With the potential to save days per floor on construction. That’s time you don’t have to pay for.


Ritek® wall systems have many applications

  • Medium Density apartments
  • Hotel/Motels
  • Student Accommodation
  • Nursing Homes
  • High Traffic Areas
  • External Walls
  • Internal Walls
  • Hallways
  • Lift Shafts
  • Stairwells
  • Party Walls
  • Balustrades
  • Blade Walls
  • Footings Boundaries


  • Committed technical services team
  • In-house drafting and scheduling services
  • On-site project co-ordination assistance
  • Dependable customer service & sales support team