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James Hardie Systems purchases the Ritek® Wall Systems business

News > Posted 17th February 2017

We are excited to announce that James Hardie Systems Pty Ltd a company of James Hardie has acquired the Ritek® Wall Systems business from Building Solutions Pty Ltd. James Hardie Systems will continue to operate the current manufacturing facility and employees are expected to transition to James Hardie Systems, so it is likely that your current contact will remain the same.

James Hardie considers the Ritek® permanent formwork walling system to be a quality durable, finished wall solution. Our goal together with James Hardie Systems is to further enhance our customer experience and to focus on delivering a leading permanent formwork system across the Australian market.

James Hardie has had a long term partnership with Ritek® Wall Systems, as the supplier of quality fibre cement products for the manufacture of the Ritek® permanent formwork walling systems. The Ritek® acquisition is part of James Hardie’s strategy to expand its product offering into the growing medium/high density construction segment.

If you have any questions, please contact your Ritek® or James Hardie Representative or contact us directly if you have any immediate queries.

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The Pros and Cons of Permanent Formwork Systems for Single Dwelling Wall Construction.

News > Posted 19th January 2017

A recently released article by Architecture and Design reports that “whilst permanent formwork is still comparatively new, it has been around long enough to provide sufficient time for the industry to assess its performance against promises from suppliers” they have put the question out there to the industry “does it live up to the hype and is it suited to single dwelling construction?

Extract below from Architecture and Design:

There are others as well which are attracting the attention of some of Australia’s leading architects, some with high insulating properties and others with easier-to-finish substrates. Ritek’s XL Thermal Wall®, which has been used by Reg Clarke Architect and Steele Associates Architects to award winning effect, is one, while Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) are another altogether.

Unlike PVC versions, Ritek’s systems use fibre cement sheets for the outer layers of the walls which provide a more traditional surface to finish. These sheets are separated by plastic spaces and bonded to an aluminium track which Ritek® guarantees won’t rust. The Ritek’s XL Thermal Wall® version also includes an integrated thermal insulation layer which helps it achieve a healthy R-Value of 4.0.

Ritek Wall Systems Vs Conventional Concrete Wall Panels

News > Posted 16th December 2016

Ritek’s high performance prefabricated structural wall system the Ritek® XL Wall® and Ritek XL Thermal Wall® is quick and easy to install, offers peace of mind with its structural integrity and can exceed acoustic, thermal and fire ratings.

The wall panels are prefabricated as lightweight, load-bearing permanent formwork and subsequently are significantly easier to transport and install than precast concrete wall panels. Once on site, the Ritek panels are easily stood and core filled with concrete.

There are less cranage requirements due to the size and weight of the Ritek® panels and costs savings can be achieved when comparing crane size and associated road closure expenses when installing precast concrete walls.

Ritek’s structural panel systems are ideal for multi-residential developments, townhouses, aged-care, high-rise student accommodation and bespoke housing. Ritek® XL Wall® and Ritek XL Thermal Wall® are specified as exterior wall panels, basement walls, intertenancy walls, stairwell and lift shaft walls just to name a few.

Ritek® offer the unique and innovative Ritek XL Thermal Wall® , prefabricated wall panels with built in insulation to meet NCC/BCA Section J requirements. Once the panel is core filled with concrete, the built in thermal insulation essentially replicates an insulated concrete panel without the labour intensive and costly installation process associated with precast concrete wall panels.

Developers, builders, architects and designers continue to specify Ritek® Wall Systems nationwide and market demand has seen the wall system increasing in popularity at a rapid rate particularly in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Western Australia.